Janssongs Consultants

 A specialized service for the Music and Legal Industry in the Digital age


With nearly 30 years' experience covering 7 countries and 4 Continents, Janssongs Consultants offers the following services:


 Music Clearance

 Music Licensing

 Film & TV Music Supervision

 International Forensic Royalty Tracking

 Contract Drafting and Negotiation

 Public Domain determination & Derivative Copyrights

 Synchronization License Valuation & Variables

 Song and Catalog Acquisition Due Diligence

 Neighboring Rights

 Reciprocal Limited Licensing deals

 International Development

 Additional Revenue Streams

 Digital Media Initiatives

 Corporate Development

 Strategic Planning

 Investor Relations


The money is in the details, and we examine the details extremely seriously.  You or your clients have a good business.  Our aim is to make it a great business.  Most often, clients do not understand what they have built from an International perspective, nor do they understand the International implications of what their business can achieve over time, and that's what we do.


  We focus on the under-performance of a client's IP business and build from there.


  Recently, we increased a client's annual revenue by over 300%, and created three new revenue streams for their business which will generate income indefinitely.




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